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Our pool: to give you the see every day

Our pool: to give you the see every day

“Mom…, mom….. this water is salty! ,It’s like the one of the sea!” and then…

“Mom… mom..this water  keeps me afloat..great,! I can stay afloat without touching…I feel so light!”

That’s what children say after a dive in our sea water swimming pool.

After the initial amazement some questions come out. “Why there’s sea water in the pool?” or “How do you carry water from the sea?”

children by the pool

Why is the pool with sea water?

Today I want you to tell you a story.

It was 1973, the year when Residence Oliveto was built…: from my home’s balcony  I was looking at two huge bulldozers digging continuosly. “Deeper, …and deeper” , the construction manager was giving instructions That was the digging for our large swimming pool …in addition to being pre-Olympic, on the one hand it had to be very deep!

After the excavation, the retaining walls were built, then the waterproofing finally covered with a beautiful blue mosaic. With 4.5 metres of depht and around 1000 cubic meters of water … finally we had our pool. There, child  (kids or chirldren) and adults spend  lot of happy and relaxing time


Everything seemed perfect, but it wasn’t enough!

It was a beautiful summer afternoon, with clear sky and warming sun.., A mother was coming back from the beach holding her two beautiful pouting children by the hands.  One of them, crying his little heart out kept on sobbing “I want to dive into the sea”

Despite the hot temperature and the clear blue of the sky, that afternoon a little wind has risen, the sea became rough, moving with waves so high as to force the lifeguard, for safety, to raise the red flag.

Just then, we asked ourselves, “What can we do to ensure that no day goes by without a swim in the sea?” Easy…we just have to bring the sea into the pool!.

Easy…so to speak!

A long story of authorizations, applications and projects began …. it seemed an endless process  but challenges have always been our passion and the goal to see no more children’s tears just for having had to give up their sea bath has accompanied us.

Once we obteined all the authorizations required, we finally began our new project. So a regular swimming pool, became since ’87 our purified and safe sea.

How do you carry the sea water in the pool?

Here is the increasingly frequent question of our guests.  A connection pipe crosses the Rio San Rocco, the Via Aurelia, to reach directly the sea. Here thanks to a small engine the sea water, that is carried by the connection pipe, reaches  our pool.


It takes about two days and perfect flat sea condition to refill the pool. Sometimes a little fish can be trapped by the filter and the process stops, for this reason someone is always supervising the pool filling operations. Finally the water is completely filtered and purified until it is truly transparent..

Why a seawater bath is good for your health?

Swimming in salted water or in sea water isn’t the exactly same thing. Everywhere you can find salt water pools, which give many health benefits but there is a big difference between sea water or fresh water added with salt.

Salts and trace elements of sea water, highly bioavailable and absorbable through the skin, make it unique and inimitable

Only the sea then, with its water full of magnesium, sodium, zinc, potassium, copper, iron, calcium, phosphorus and iodine, is an infinite source of well-being

residence-oliveto-swimmingpoolHere is the double well-being.

All of the benefits of the sea…or rather of the benefits of a “blue-flag sea” with a constantly controlled water quality.

And for a top relax, the whirlpool has sea water as well!

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