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Regenerate yourself in Liguria. Residence Oliveto, a world for your relax

Regenerate yourself in Liguria. Residence Oliveto, a world for your relax

 “Beautiful Aparthotel with a large swimming pool and relaxing green areas. Lots of spaces and children facilities. Excellent and kind staff!

Top Relaxation!

 “l love this place, here you find all what you need for a relaxing holiday! Congratulations to all the staff”

These are only some of the lovely words you wrote about your holidays. In your reviews the word “relax” comes out frequntly, and it reminded us one of our strenght.

We, part of the staff, busy and busy every day to make your holiday special, sometimes we don’t realise enough this aspect of our residence … perhaps we do not experience it first hand! and for this reason we thank you for reminding us with your reviews!

Residence Oliveto is the right choice for those looking for a an active  holiday as well as a  family holiday with children

It is also the perfect place for those who want to rest, and relax, an oasis where worries can be left just outside the door!

The aparthotel offers a lot of hotel facilities thought to let you experience a holiday without worries but with all freedom af a serviced holiday apartment. That means, more space and your own kitchen for exemple…


Let’s  find out why Residence Oliveto is also “a perfect world for relaxation

According to your reviews, here are some good reasons we have discovered

  1. A dip in the pool and relax under the parasol

Let’s start from our strong point: the swimming pool.

As soon as you arrive at the Residence, you feel as if you cannot avoid a dip in its clear and clean sea waters

The swimming pool is in fact filled with sea water and, for this reason, we call it “our privatel sea”. If you want to learn more about its history, you can read the article: “Our pool: to give you the sea every day”

But it is not only sea water to make our pool outstanding and revitalizing, The cascade shower with  cervical massage located  on one of its sides helps as well. A wellness treatment as simple as it is effective, to be completed with a nice relaxing bath in the sea water Jacuzzi.


Out of the water, relax is waiting for you! A lot of sunbeds and parasols in addition to the pleasant pine trees shadow create an oasis where worries can be left outside

Sunbathe, read a good book, order a cocktail in our bar by the swimming pool and enjoy it under the parasol. No matter what you do, the only password is: relax!

seawater swimmingpool 

  1. Everyone on holiday … even the car!

What is one of the main stress reasons on a working day as well as a on vacation? Driving in crowded streets and have to look for a parking!

Problem solved thanks to the central location of Residence Oliveto.

We are in the very heart of Ceriale, a short walk from the sea… so, walking distance from all what you need, you can forget your car till the end of your holiday!

Your car deserves a holiday as well: leave it to rest in one of the two free parking spaces just in front of the Aparthotel , or in our paid guarded parking.


  1. Your holiday, your own pace

Do you want to sleep late? Just do it!

Do you feel a little peckish and you want to have a midnight snack? Just do it! A kitchen is at your disposal!

This is relaxing as well: don’t have schedules, if not those you decide

Thanks to the freedom of choice and planning given from an holiday apartment accommodation, you don’t have to worry about being on time for lunch or dinner, or to miss breakfast just because you decided to sleep in.

You can eat and drink whatever and whenever you want!

Which, by the way, will allow you to save money … and this is also a nice kind of relaxation, isn’t it? 😊

Our Bar, always open, is the real “heart” of the holiday resort, there you can have breakfast or quick snacks at any time in the outside garden by the pool.

breaktast by the pool

In addition, here you can enjoy all the benefits of an holiday apartment without giving up some hotel services. You are on holiday and you don’t want to worry about to clean up? You can benfit of our “comfort service” with daily cleaning and towels change on your needs.

Do you want to give yourself a few hours without thinking about the children? On summertime they’ll be busy with our

. (learn more in this article)


  1. Yoga, pilates and water gym to regain peace and harmony

It’s well known that human well being goes through the physical one and outdoor sports helps in reaching that goal getting rid of toxins, tensions and stress.

Physical well-being of our guest is one of our priority and for this reason you can join all our sport activities for free

Everyday, in summertime, amazing watergym lessons in our pool for everybody. Thanks to the sea water as well, these lessons help to harden and tone up the skin, drain away excess fluid retained in the body, dissolving muscles stress.

watergym by the pool

Every morning, a stretching and muscle awakening session in the shadow of palm trees and maritime pines of our garden. What a better way to start on the right foot with your day?


Here, all those listed are some of the ways in which we hope to be able to give you the seeked and deserved relaxing holiday In return, you give us your smiles, your joy and your laughs: valuable signals that we are doing okay

We thank you for each of those smiles and for each of your reviews, which keep the memories of your holiday moments. They are an important treasure for us that gives us the charge to go on and to improve ourselves more and more.



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