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Live Liguria on the paths. Residence Oliveto: a world for trekkers

Live Liguria on the paths. Residence Oliveto: a world for trekkers

If you are reading this post you are already agree that walking is good for your health and this does not want to be another list of its benefits. Movement, is the best help for well-being achievement and … walking is the easyest way. We all know that walking is good … but “walking in Liguria is better”!

I wish to explain  you why I’m in love with this land,  where you can move from the sea to the mountains in a short while. Here,  where you can walk through the mediterranean Macchia with the Ligurian Sea as a background, even a simple walk becomes a “special walk!”


Here are 3 good reasons to walk in Liguria:

  •  On the Ligurian Riviera you can walk during the whole year

Walking daily is the best way to prevent a lot of diseases, in other words, is a lifetime health-insurance policy. Sometimes it’s impossible, due to weather conditions, but on Ligurian Riviera you can!

Clear sky, bracing air and the sun warming even in colder seasons…That’s why I love Liguria! We are at the end of january , the coldest time of the year  and, even now, mild temperatures allow outdoor activities. even if layered clothing is highly recommended, a very few layers are enough here

  • You can breathe the sea air which is rich in iodine

Hiking improves the respiratory function as well. “Walking briskly and breathing deeply, all the evils go away,” as our grandparents said, so today suggests also Ayurvedic medicine. Walking in a natural environment with generous vegetation and good air quality is good for breathing.  So, what’s better than sea air with its countless qualities?

  • Free mind & good energy: walking puts you in a good mood (turns you on a good mood)

Not just physical benefits,..  Spending time outdoors on a trek in nature is a perfect way to cleanse your mind from the stress, anxiety and tensions decrease.. Even better if the walk is in the middle of mediterranean landscape that offers unique sea views. Good mood expexially  during the breaks, better with the Ligurian focaccia!  Moments and  to share with friends  at home, to make them feel part of your experience.

Italian Riviera: a trekking paradise

We can therefore say that the Ligurian Riviera is a true paradise for trekking lovers. But, what is the best time to walk in Liguria?  There is no right time … the important is to do it.

An always different land, with hiking routes suitable for everyone. Pleasant paths for the whole family as well as more demanding trekking, nordik walking in the beautiful ligurian hinterland or on the beach, you’ll be spoiled for choice.


Thanks to the trekking passion, borned local groups of “walking lovers”. Right here in ceriale, “trekking for all”, which was born thanks to the passion of the “well-kwown local noir-writer “Pupi”, a strong connoisseur of the routes in the area, organizes “social walks” almost weekly.

Trekking routes from Ceriale

The Piccaro: mountain & sea in one trekking ring

Ceriale, a peaceful seaside village on the coast, has many paths to discover behind it. We have already told you about the Piccaro ring, a panoramic trekking that in a short time leads from the sea to the mountains, giving us a breathtaking view.


The “Ibà Valley” ant the ring of “Poggio Grande”

Another nice route, a little longer, is the ring of “Poggio Grande” from Ceriale to Pizzo Ceresa. Starting from the Paleontological Museum “Silvio Lai”, it crosses the Ibà Valley and the” Rio Torsero Regional Reserve“. On the way back the ancient village of Peagna worth a visit.

Monte Croce, Monte Acuto e il Santuario di Balestrino

Beautiful and easy hike, ring, suitable for all seasons. Starting from the Oliveto residence, you reach the local cemetery, where a white and red hiking sign hows monte Croce – monte Acuto – pizzo Ceresa – Martinetto 6 h.

The most beautiful routes near Ceriale

The stage n-22 of the “Path Liguria” cross Ceriale,  which is connected to the neighboring countries by a convenient bus service. It is the ideal starting point to discover other trekking routes not to be missed. Here are some of the most suggestive ones:

The “Julia Augusta” trekking route

Just a few minutes by bus or walking along the pedestrian path and you’ll reach Albenga. Ready for a walk through the history? Built in 13 B.C. by the Emperor Augustus in order to connect Rome to southern Gaul, the Via Iulia Augusta, in the splendid stretch between Alassio and Albenga, is a naturalistic historical itinerary among the most evocative of Liguria.


The Pilgrim’s Path – Crossing from Noli to Varigotti

The ancient maritime republic of Noli, which is located in the opposite direction, is one of the starting points of the “Pilgrims-Path” .  Along the crossing from Noli to Varigotti overlooking the sea  you’ll reach the famous “Falsari Cave,”  a circular inlet, dug by the sea over the years, also known as the Briganti cave. Definitely one of the most beautiful and exciting walks of the Ligurian Riviera.

L'antro dei Falsari a Noli

Residence Oliveto: a “world for trekkers.”

Are you looking forward to discover and experience Liguria  in a different way?  We are waiting for you in our “world for trekkers”. Here you will find maps of the paths in the surroundings and we will be happy to advise you on  the most beautiful routes in western Liguria. If you want to organize guided excursions, we will put you in touch with expert local guides who will lead you to discover breathtaking places.


There are many walking  paths,  more or less long, more or less easy, suitable for all needs. It is not necessary to be super trained, just wear appropriate clothing and especially a good pair  of confortable hiking shoes  uitable for dirt paths and uphill streets.

No worry if you forgot your trekking poles! Here are our telescopic nordik-walking sticks that adapt perfectly to all heights, even to children … used to provide  stability on rough terrain.and to any type of route.

And on the way back … nothing better than a relaxing break in our lobby bar to take a look at the books about Liguria,  Wheather permitting, a dip in our seawater swimming pool or a relaxing whirlpool….

If you want to share the most beautiful pictures of your excursions we will be happy!


  1. PI330

    8th Feb 2020 - 12:56 PM

    Ci sono suggerimenti anche dove poter alloggiare una notte x proseguire in un cammino di più giorni? Grazie

    • Residence Oliveto

      18th Feb 2020 - 03:14 PM

      Buongirono Luigi e grazie per la richiesta. Noi siamo un residence e affittiamo appartamenti con angolo cottura e possibilità di colazione anche solo per una notte, come tappa di un percorso. Se ad esempio fai il sentiero Liguria Ceriale si trova sulla tappa n.22.
      Siamo anche una base di partenza per percorsi ad anello nei dintorni per un soggiorno di più notti.
      Non esitare a contattarci per qualsiasi altra informazione.

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