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Snorkeling in the protected marine area of Bergeggi

Snorkeling in the protected marine area of Bergeggi

Bergeggi: a protected marine area in the heart of the Ligurian Sea

Bergeggi and the surrounding marine area, an area of ​​about 2 square kilometers, are considered very interesting places from an environmental and historical point of view. In addition to being a clean sea – the area has received a Blue Flag recognition many times, and for decades the public administration has actively promoted eco-sustainable tourismthe seabed is rich in biodiversity. This is the consequence of various factors, first of all the establishment of the Protected Marine Area of ​​Bergeggi in 2007. Since then, the marine fauna has begun to grow in numbers again, in particular, fish have returned, which had previously become scarce. The calcareous cliff rising out of the sea is home to an important karstic cavity, known above all for its finds in prehistorical archeology and paleontology. There is also a species of tropical origin, the Oculina patagonica, reported in Italy only in Bergeggi and Albisola. Given the area’s proximity to the port of Savona, it is possible that this species arrived by ship.

So what better place to do some snorkeling?

Discovering the seabed with the children

Snorkeling is a sport for everyone. Yes, because, literally, it means diving down and observing the seabed only with a mask and a snorkel; wet suits are not needed, nor must you be experienced divers. The important thing is to know how to swim, to do it with less effort, you can wear flippers.

It will be a really good experience to dive and observe these seabeds. There are large expanses of Posidonia oceanica and rocky stretches with coral formations. The area is divided into four sub-sites, three of which extend between Spotorno and Bergeggi. On the coast, instead, there are the cliffs to be investigated, as they are rich in caverns and small inlets. You will surely come across schools of fish, mollusks, crustaceans, sponges, algae of various shapes and colors, and even starfish, certainly the children would be in seventh heaven!

In addition to the seabed, you should not miss investigating the area around the island of Bergeggi, which is two hundred and fifty meters from the beach. Actually, it is a fifty-three meter high cone-shaped rock, covered with Mediterranean vegetation and characterized by a coastline full of caves and inlets, sandy coves and cliffs overlooking the sea. Here too, in the depths, coral alternates with meadows of Posidonia.

More than a sport, it is a relaxing and enjoyable activity, especially if done in moments when the sea is calm. Children too can do this sport, accompanied by an adult of course. If you prefer, you can rely on experts, who will take you exploring, to the island of Bergeggi, the cliffs of Torre del Mare (Sea Towers) and the Grotta Marina (Sea Cave).

History of Bergeggi Island

We will tell you a little bit about history, too. It seems that the island of Bergeggi arrived off the Ligurian coast by ferrying the Saints Eugene and Vendemiale, who were fleeing from the persecutions of the Vandals. Saint Eugenio, bishop of Carthage, remained on the island until his death while Vendemiale left for Corsica. The remains of Saint Eugenio were brought to Noli, where he became the patron saint of the town. According to the legend, it seems that some years later the remains of the saint returned by themselves to the island. However, according to a modern version of the legend, Saint Eugenio returned to the island only a little bit later, bringing with him the Noli seahorses, which have now truly disappeared from Capo Noli, to protect them from the excessive stress caused by visitors.

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