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Sea view trekking in Liguria

Sea view trekking in Liguria

The best paths near Ceriale

The summer heat is slowly fading, and with the arrival of September begins one of the golden periods for trekking. Few people know this, but Ceriale has more than a beautiful seaside and water parks. Our territory also offers a completely different world that is full of footpaths ready for you to explore!
Today we want to talk about some of the best footpaths for trekking close to Ceriale. These paths are suitable for everyone and aren’t too difficult, and have breath-taking views where you can immerse yourself in nature.
Are you ready? Let’s go!

Via Iulia Augusta

Time: 1 h 30 Difficulty: very easy

Let’s stretch our legs and start with an easy footpath that is suitable for even the least fit of us. In fact, rather than being a trekking footpath, the Via Iulia Augusta is an easy, pleasant walk with beautiful views of Gallinara Island. This path, however, is more than 2000 years old! It was built in 13 AC, by order of Augustus.

View of the Gallinara island from the Via Julia Augusta

Nowadays, this footpath, immersed in the Mediterranean scrub, is greatly appreciated for its historical and naturalistic value. It also allows you to discover Alassio, a town near Ceriale. The footpath goes from the Piazzale Santa Croce in Ceriale and overlooks the city’s port from above. After about 3 km, you can see parts of the ancient Roman footpath that are still present. Going on, you’ll see the ancient Roman necropolis of Albingaunum. Here you can admire two graveyards and, towards the end of the footpath, the only “columbarium” tomb in Liguria. Unlike the graveyards, this structure is closed at the top and inside you can still see the niches that housed the cinerary urns. When you arrive at Punta San Martino, you descend towards Albenga, which is the arrival point of the footpath.

Sentiero delle Terre Alte: Anello di Toirano

Time: 3 h 45 Difficulty: medium

Olive plantations and herbal plants, a ghost town and, as an optional finale, a visit to the caves of Toirano. These are just some of the surprises you’ll find on the Anello di Toirano, a circular footpath that is part of the larger Sentiero delle Terre Alte.

Trekking path sull'anello di Toirano

You depart from the medieval village of Toirano and you’ll soon be immersed in a natural rural landscape, made up of farmland and Mediterranean scrubland. Going on, you will arrive on the opposite side of the mountain. Long ago, this village was the most important in the valley, as we can see from its imposing castle and walls. After having explored this uninhabited village, you continue your journey through pine forests until you arrive at the top. Here there is another wonderful surprise: a stupendous panorama over the sea. From the summit, you go back down through large meadows and return to Toirano where, if you have the energy, you can visit the famous caves.

Anello del Monte Piccaro

Time: 2 h Difficulty: easy

Monte Piccaro is a hill 280 m high, found between Borghetto Santo Spirito and Ceriale. Its modest height and the cart tracks that cross it mean that it is very easy to climb, without too much effort. The Anello del Monte Piccaro is a panoramic footpath that is accessible to everyone, and has a splendid view of the sea and the Ligurian Riviera.

Trekking path monte piccaro a Ceriale

From Ceriale, you go to the cemetery and then follow the asphalt road, which is marked by a square sign. When you arrive at a fork, turn right, and you will soon arrive at a cart track immersed among the olive trees. After about 20 minutes, you will arrive at Borelli castle. From here, you continue along a mule track and then a cart track, where you can admire the wide, open landscape. After half an hour, you will finally arrive at the top, where you can rest while looking at the sea, Gallinara Island, and Capo Noli. You can also take a little detour and go to a votive column, where there is an even better view. The return footpath is slightly steeper, but it is nonetheless easy. You take this path after having passed the antennas and repeaters at the top of the hill. Soon after, you come across a fork, where you take the path to the left. You descend the hill, following the profile of the ridge, until you come back to the footpath you took at the beginning.

The Alta via dei Monti Liguri

The Alta via dei Monti Liguri is a beautiful, ancient footpath that crosses the whole of Liguria. This path can be travelled in stages, some of which pass close to Ceriale.

Path Alta via dei monti liguri

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